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FFGF posted on May 26, 2014 at 09:21PM
**Fun fair goldfish is not fun **

Hi Guys, I want to start a petition and raise awareness about goldfish being sold at the fair. (FFGF)

I think it's one of those things that is totally wrong and cruel but because it's not a huge talking point, and nobody really thinks much about the welfare of fish, this "should be" banned practise is allowed to continue to happen..

I write this because I recently won a game of hook a duck at a fair in my hometown. I was told I can choose any prize of my choice and noticed I was able to win a goldfish (a life) There were maybe around 80 goldfish, each in individual small bags, each one swimming around in their own poo, I immediately knew what I wanted my prize to be.

I decided to choose the goldfish. I knew I could save its life as I have access to a small pond, unfortunately I could only have one fish, so had to leave the other 79 goldfish behind in there small poo filled prison homes.

Anyway I put Geraldine in the pond and I am happy to say she had settled in fine, is in good health, and has been befriended by the other fish who were in the pond prior to Geraldine living there. She now lives a simple life, but a safe and content one.

The sad news is that there are millions of goldfish out there right now still being used as prizes for hook a duck, in thousand of fairs, every day across the UK.
Most of these small lives are either dropped on the floor, flushed down the toilet, abandoned on the streets, murdered for "blood sport" or simply left to die in their little plastic bags which they are forced to call their home. (this unfortunately happens to most of them.)

Now I'm sure you may be thinking there are more important issues to worry about that a fish, and that is true, But nothing will change unless somebody does something to stop it, and I hope to be that person.
With enough comments, likes and shares from people petitioning for the banning of the *funfair goldfish* I believe I can get this practise banned by contacting the appropriate people.

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