Against Animal Cruelty! I Need Advise

demaris24 posted on Sep 10, 2011 at 04:55PM
My dog was shot by our neighbor in June. I have spent the last three months mourning his loss. He was my child, I mean, I realize he was just a dog, but I loved him and I was robbed of the joy he brings my families life. The man who shot him is a pastor. I have thought about writing a letter explaining how cruel and inhumane it was to shoot my dog for chasing fireflies on his property. In the letter I plan to address how I am a twice deployed veteran of the United States Army, and how him murdering my dog made a mockery of me fighting for him. I was thinking to print the letter in mass and put a copy of it on each car that goes to his church one Sunday, just so his parishioners know that this man... a supposed "man of God" took my dogs life without giving me the opportunity to try to keep my dog from crossing property lines. Is this too forward of an action?

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一年多以前 Mistyflower said…
No, of course not! Go through with it, man! Show that guy who's boss!