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marcocera posted on May 11, 2007 at 02:37PM
Hi everybody!
I am an Italian student of Modern Languages.
For my course on audiovisual translation I have to subtitle a shot of "Gay" into Italian. The trouble is I can't catch a couple of sentences in English.

Does anybody know where I can find the transcription of the episode?

And to start with: where on earth does Philomena Bill come from???

"Drag those big fat sluggish limbs up" and answer me! ;D

I hope someone can help me!

Thank you!


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一年多以前 beagledog said…
Ab Fab is my favorite. Even if the "girls" of the show are getting "long in the tooth",after 20 years it is still my favorite. **For a plot idea I think Bubble (the character) needs a boyfriend or a significant other. Attempt to look at the social dynamic of the group. Who would be most likely to have a significant other or boyfriend?---I think you will come to the answer==="Bubble". Well, I hear this is the last ABFAB send off. Well I have been attempting to push my plot idea on various message boards. First off, I think the character "Bubble" needs a boyfriend... Darlings, I thought I had the perfect idea for "Bubble's boyfriend". I think the cameo and the various actors and actresses that are picked for the last ABFAB could help make the sendoff fun. I think 1) Bubble needs a significant other boyfriend. Make the character as spacey or un spacey as you see fit. 2) I have an idea just who could play the role of Bubble's boyfriend. I think Karl Habsberg could be a fit for the part. Remember this it for ABFAB. The Girls are "getting up there" and getting old and tired. I just thought this might be the right fit for the character--if there was a character "Bubble's boyfriend".