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 金泫雅 & Hyunseung
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This 4minute 照片 contains 皮草大衣, 毛领, 皮草口音, 毛皮大衣, and 毛皮口音. There might also be hip boot and thigh boot.

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4minute and B2ST will be receiving an award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival.

Representatives of KOFICE revealed on October 6th, “4minute and B2ST were chosen to receive the Asia Influential Artist award.”

The award is 给 to artists that garnered the most attention in Asia for the year. 4minute and B2ST will be making an appearance at the awards event on the 23rd along with impressive performances.

4minute contracted with Universal and set out to expand their activities all over Asia. They’ve been earning much success so far 由 topping various 音乐 charts and earning thousands of new fans.

B2ST began touring through the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and 日本 this June while promoting “Shock” and earned the support of many. Their comeback album, “Mastermind,” has been sweeping the charts as well.
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A Cube Entertainment artist Mario recently unveiled a new digital single entitled “Text Message” featuring singer Baek Ji Young.

To help promote the song, Mario performed on February 12th’s episode of ’Inkigayo‘ along with 4minute‘s Gayoon. The stage was set for a beautiful performance, as Mario brought on a live orchestra to support him, and Gayoon stepped out in a sophisticated ensemble.

Unfortunately, the performance experienced a hiccup during the middle.

As the song built towards its climax, Gayoon’s voice fell flat and she missed a powerful note. Though she was a bit disheartened 由 the mistake, Gayoon rallied her spirits and strove to finish the rest of the song with Mario.

Immediately after the performance, 粉丝 left 评论 on SNS services on how Gayoon looked a little ill, and expressed sympathy for the young star.
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PSY, 金泫雅 "Oppa Is My Style" MV (Gangnam Style 金泫雅 Ver.)
oppa is my style
gangnam style
mv kim 金泫雅
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